Heidolph Instruments GmbH is a well-established supplier of high-quality laboratory supplies that has expanded its strategic focus in the field of 3D cell culture. In addition to the distribution partnership, the cooperation is also to include the joint development of new products.


The recently published application note by our partner CellInk, demonstrates the high-throughput solution using SP5D to generate uniformly sized spheroid in combination with CELLINK technology to introduce an attractive 3D cell-model to recapitulate the complexity of lung cancer. The successfully developed model and analysis protocols can also be applied for other cancer models to study oncology, developmental biology, drug development, regenerative medicine and toxicology.

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Communication – The 5th Dimension

The fifth dimension, we define as the communication of the cells with each other: the critically determined shape and size of the microwells create an environment that is as physiological as possible. Plus, a special nanocoating hinders cells from attaching to the surface. This results in the formation of uniform spheroids with an undisturbed communication of the cells with each other, preventing wrong signals that would induce unwanted gene expression/differentiation.

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