• Uniformely sized spheroids
  • Physiological, standardized and easy spheroid formation by optimized niche geometry and surface
  • Convenient upscaling without loss of spheroid quality
  • Ability to translate into diagnostic or clinical use

Safety First

  • Effortless upscaling of your cell spheroids without losing control over cell differentiation and spheroid size
  • Medium change in your culture is rather simple and can be automated as well
  • Our special geometry and surface enable every cell to be integrated within a spheroid giving you unparalleled control over your cell culture. Effortless upscaling, easy medium change and full automation capabilities give you all options not only for your lab but also for translational use.

Size and Space Matters

Due to our patented geometry:

  • Precise control of spheroid size resulting in higher standardization & reproducibility
  • High quantity of uniformly sized spheroids (9000/plate)
  • Identical diffusion conditions for all spheroids
  • Unique physiological spheroid formation with rounded bottoms
400x space-efficient*

compared to current 3D hanging drops technology

100x faster*

(one single pipet move provides 750 cell clusters) than single spheroid platforms

100x cost-effective*

through material and labor cost reduction (9000 cell clusters on our SP5D vs. 96 on industry research plates)

* when compared to classical hanging drop cultures or single spheroid formation per well.

Turn pipetting into

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