• Convenient upscaling without loss of spheroid quality
  • Ability to use for translational research
  • Uniformly sized spheroids
  • Standardized and simplified spheroid formation via optimized niche geometry and surface
  • Flexibility in experimental setup design
  • Enables data collection from multiple individuals in a small volume
  • Suitable for high-throughput analysis


The Sphericalplate 5D offers unique features tailored to ensure uniformity, viability, and flexibility. Its distinctive geometry and surface facilitate the integration of cells into spheroids, providing unparalleled control over your cell culture. Effortless replication, easy medium changes, and full automation capabilities provide all the necessary options for both basic and translational research as well as high-throughput analysis.

Size and Space Matters

Due to our patented geometry:

  • Precise control of spheroid size resulting in higher standardization & reproducibility
  • High quantity of uniformly sized spheroids (9’000 to 20’000 spheroids/plate)
  • Uniform spheroid formation in 90um rounded bottom microwells

Turn pipetting into

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