About us

Kugelmeiers Ltd. was founded in 2015 as a spin-off from the University of Zurich in Switzerland.

The company originated from the University Hospital of Zurich’s human islet cell transplantation clinical program for the treatment of diabetes. The core business is the translation of novel insights of biological realities of cells into products that are optimally suited for 3D cell culture and cell transplantation. The company’s expertise in cell transplantation, 3D cell culture and stem cell biology addresses an increasingly growing market.

In order to drive the development of promising future cell therapies, Kugelmeiers Ltd. cooperates with leading scientists, institutes, laboratories and industry partners worldwide.

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Sandra H. Kugelmeier-Heller



Dr. med. Patrick Kugelmeier

Medical Director


Dr. Manfred Vogel

Director of Life Sciences


Urs Gremlich

Purchasing & Logistics



Production & Technology


Dr. Markus Mühlemann

Senior Scientist Translational Research & Clinical Studies



GMP / ATMP Specialist


Dr. Ali Mirsaidi

Head of Scientific Services & Product Innovation


Dr. Christian Frey

Managing Partner
Head of Finance & Investors Relations


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